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Address Confidentiality Program

Program Description
The Address Confidentiality Program (ACP) is a statewide program that provides
survivors of domestic violence, sexual offenses, and/or stalking with a legal substitute address for interacting with all state and local government agencies. The program also provides a confidential mail forwarding service. The legislative intent is to protect the location of a survivor’s actual address and reduce the risk of future harm.

Program Services
All state and local government agencies must accept the substitute address as the
participant’s legal address of record. Some uses for the substitute address include:

• Drivers license and state identification cards
• Motor vehicle titles and registrations
• School enrollment and record transfers
• Human services benefits
• Police reports and court records
• Parks and recreation centers
• Voter registration records
• Bank accounts
• Libraries
• Obtaining a post office box
• Special protections on Comcast, Xcel Energy, and other utility accounts

Prospective participants begin enrolling in the program by meeting with an Application Assistant. An Application Assistant is someone who has been trained and registered by the ACP. Application Assistants are the only people who can make a program referral. The Application Assistant assesses program eligibility, provides program information and education, and submits the enrollment forms to the ACP.  

Project Hope currently has two Application Assistants on staff and we are the only program in Gunnison/Hinsdale County who offer this service.

Project Hope of Gunnison Valley is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which relies primarily on grant funds to provide services to the community. 

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